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“First you catch a big, fat toad and put him in a box with mirrors on all four sides. The result: toad oil, a cure-all ointment, as good for what ails you as snake serum.” – Akira Kurosawa, on Something Like an Autobiography

My favorite director, Akira Kurosawa described his autobiography as Toad Oil. This passage says so much about writing truthfully about oneself. Ever since I learned about the Internet, I have tried blogging in almost a bashful display of self consciousness, always writing about myself. Through the years, and with only a few entries, I have always closed down each blog. Because in the process, I learned that there’s really no point in writing if it only relates to me. So with this blog, I attempt to look at myself in the mirror of all earth – the many places in this world. And with my camera, I attempt to show the world as I see it.

– sheilarouge
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Taking a break from all the walking at Forbidden City

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. HI! i saw your Shodo calligraphy post and I’m really interested in learning it. can you tell me where can I buy a beginner set? please, thank you.

    1. Hello, I bought mine in Nara, Japan in the shopping street near JR Nara station [sorry I forgot which exit] going to Nara Park. There are a few calligraphy shops on that street. Also, if there is a chinese community where you live, like for example, in Kuala Lumpur, there is a calligraphy shop in Petaling Street. Or if you can’t go to Japan, or a China town where you live, you can check amazon, and type “shodo set” or maybe Rakuten has one.

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