The Science Kid Inside Miraikan (Odaiba, Tokyo)

I don’t know of any child who is not fascinated by science. Science has an explanation to a lot of things running around the mind of an inquisitive child. The feeling of satisfaction every time I realize I learn something new is one of the small details that bring me happiness as a child many years ago and even until now as an adult. And this is the kind of satisfaction that places like Miraikan or the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, provides.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Technology (Miraikan) facade
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) facade

Located in Odaiba District of Tokyo, Miraikan, literally, “Future Museum” is a museum created by Japan’s Science and Technology Agency.  It is also the official home of Honda’s robot, Asimo.

ASIMO or Advanced Step in Innovative MObility, is the world’s most advanced humanoid robot designed and created by Honda. Asimo works as a science communicator in Miraikan and conducts demonstrations explaining what he can do to Miraikan visitors.

ASIMO shows his moves

Aside from Asimo’s performance, the geo-cosmos globe is a main attraction in Miraikan. The geo-cosmos globe is a gigantic organic LED display that produces a rendition of planet Earth. It shows scientific content about our planet, the view from space, ocean vegetation, Earth at night, the seasons on Earth, atmospheric temperature, ozone concentration, forest map, some future projections of sea acidity, precipitation, sea ice, and many more. It also shows some artistic data like internet users, life expectancy, political borders, time zone conflicts, traffic jams, and so much more.  A little bit of trivia, specially if you listen to JPop, I noticed that the geo-cosmos globe is the back draft of KinKi Kids’ PV of the song “Hakka Candy”. The two singers stand outside of Miraikan with a faint image of the circling globe.

The Geo-scope Globe is made of organice LED
The Geo-scope is made of organic LED

Inside Miraikan are various exhibitions like robot technology, life on earth, and astronauts’ space stations. I enjoyed seeing the interior of a spaceship and how astronauts live in space.

A video explaining the life of an astronaut in space
A video explaining the life of an astronaut in space
An astronauts 'space' inside a spaceship
An astronauts ‘space’ inside a spaceship

space-cubicle1To go to Miraikan, head on to Daiba via the Yurikamome line. Get-off at the Telecom Center Station. From there you can walk to Miraikan.  Entrance Fee is 600 yen.

From inside a submarine
Taken from inside a submarine



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