Night View at Hakodateyama (Hakodate)

Hakodate. The site of my second fall. Despite wearing a different pair of boots, I guess you just have to bear with times that your legs are not up for it. We arrived via train from Sapporo. It was late afternoon, I was walking with heavy backpack, the sun was about to set and mesmerized by the small town feel of the neighborhood near JR Hakodate Station, when it happened. As they say, the important thing is how you manage to stand up after a fall. Mine came with the help of a stranger, an old man who happened to hear the tremendous thud I created in an attempt to shield my left hand, which was holding my iPhone, from damage. I could have stand up by myself if June’s hands were free or if I weigh lighter than her (how I wish). But anyway, this old man held my right arm, and before lifting me up, said “Se No” which can be translated as “Ready set”. When up, I felt we all won a game against all these ice around us. I thanked the old man while quietly cursing the snow. Damn you, yuki! 

Panaroma View from Our Hotel and Inside
Panaroma Views (Outside JR Hakodate station, near Hakodate Park,  from inside Hakodate Park Hotel and Inside our Japanese style room)

We stayed at Hakodate Park Hotel, which was two stations away from the tram stop near JR Hakodate. We rest a bit and at around 4pm headed to Hakodateyama.

Hakodate sign at the train platform
Hakodate sign at the train platform

We rode the ropeway going to the top. We got a 10% discount of the ticket from a person who knows someone who works at the Hakodate Tourist Information Center. I just happened to ask her for directions to the ropeway and aside from showing us the way, she also willingly accompanied us to get our discount coupons. Serendipitous moments like this happen to me often and I am constantly reminded of the goodness of people.

Decor at Hakodateyama

We stayed in Hakodate as a midway point of the long train ride between Sapporo & Ueno, Tokyo. Hakodateyama (Mt. Hakodate) is the main point of interest, the view from the mountain is one of the three best views of Japan. The twinkling lights give me a sense of tranquility and calmness knowing that each light brightens up another person’s dark space. 

Mt. Hakodate Night View, one of the top three best views in Japan
Mt. Hakodate Night View in February




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