On Rare Days I See the Sun Rise – Angkor Wat

Sorry for the really late post. That apology is directed more to myself for not writing about my experiences in Cambodia. How long has it been? Almost 3 months. I blame the delay for my birthday, Christmas, & New Year. And all other holidays I can use to validate an excuse.

I went to Siam Reap via bus from Ho Chi Minh City. There was a ‘festival’ that locals keep referring to, which explains the lack of decent bus. And because it was a festival, we assumed there would be grand processions of some sort but instead there were no sign of a feast anywhere. When we inquired, they said it’s a ritual that people have to visit their hometown and pray. So, this festival while without any evidence of its existence, bothered us. The reason we found ourselves inside an old run-down bus from Phnom Penh to Siam Reap, the travel time that was supposed to be 6 hours became 8. We arrived in Siem Reap at 10pm, and we immediately booked an Angkor Tour in the morning.

We decided to wake up at 5am to catch the famous Angkor Wat sunrise. In the morning droves of people flocked Angkor Wat to witness this awesome sight. 20130108-134829.jpg
I’m an owl and I can count the very rare opportunities I get to see the sun rise. This is one. And I was glad that the sun was especially round that day. We are quite lucky indeed.

We went inside the temple only later when the usual crowd have already moved on to other temples in the Angkor complex. This turned out great because we had the temple all to ourselves. 20130108-134841.jpg

After this spectacular view, we headed to Angelina Jolie’s restaurant. We met the lady who called herself Angelina in Angkor Wat main entrance and offered to show us a nice spot for taking pictures (by the lake). So after our photo shoot, we all decided to eat at her place. I ordered a footlong french bread and tea. 20130108-135053.jpg

Our next stop in Angkor is the Bayon Temple. Going there is a breeze via this tuktuk ride.



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