Prambanan – The Ancient Hindu Temple in Central Java

It’s amazing to know that just a few kilometers from Borobudur, you’ll find the Hindu Temple of Prambanan, also in Central Java. A major landmark both of religious, architectural, and cultural significance, one will be easily amazed at the tall pointy structure of the temple. It’s main edifice is surrounded by smaller temples with the same tall and pointy architecture. Upon seeing the structure from afar, I grasped at the site of this ancient Javanese structure.


Being up close to these structures, I can’t help but be amazed at how ancient people were able to construct such massive and elaborately detailed structures.


Inside one of the temples

The temples of the three Hindu Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are between all the ruins. There was a sign in front of Lord Shiva Temple that says, because of the 2006 earthquake, we no longer allow people to go inside the temple. I wonder what I would have seen if I was here before that earthquake.

There are wire fences around the temple to prevent people from coming in

I don’t have the figures but the reconstruction may only be about 70% judging from the amount of stones and debris lying about the whole temple complex.




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