Surabaya – Getting lost is a good thing

I had a short trip in Surabaya Indonesia last July 23-27, 2012. We went there to film a documentary about a person’s success and riches. And as such, I am actually tempted to post photos of mansions and luxurious cars, of which we had the privilege to see and use (cars). But anyway, here’s some so you know what I’m talking about.




After our shoot, I was able to go around Surabaya, because my flight to Jakarta leaves in the evening. I went to a museum called House of Sampoerna. It’s a museum of a cigarette company called Sampoerna. Old cigarette making techniques can be seen there. At the second floor, one can witness the different stages of making cigarettes, mostly done by hand. I was particularly amazed at how women workers manage to roll 24 cigarettes a minute and pack them with so much speed.


I wanted to go to the Majapahit Hotel so I rented a becak. But my driver didn’t know the location of the hotel, so my becak ride turned out to be a tour of the city streets.





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