Bedugul, Bali Indonesia, the Mountain Lake Resort

Bali is certainly not all beach, sand, and sun. In the central-north region of Bali, in Lake Bratan lies a mountainous region called Bedugul. During the nine days I stayed in Bali, I spent seven days (25 June – 02 July 2012) in this cold, chilly place, which reaches as low as 9 degrees in the evening. Temperature is shocking because Bali is most famous for its long white sand beach and the sun. In fact, I packed only one jacket, which I wore for seven days. Ewww.

Bedugul is about 3 hours away by bus from Bali city center. To get to the Bedugul Wana Villa where we are booked, we have to cross Lake Bratan to the other side. I went back and forth a couple of times, and there are times when the fog is too thick, that nothing is visible. In one of our rides, we had to stop in the middle and wait for the fog to clear.




We stayed in this wonderful place called Bedugul Wana Villa. Accommodation here are comfortable and spacious villas, that could fit four people but designed for only two.



There is a temple inside the villa with a statue of Sri Ganesha and Lord Shiva. I took this mandatory pose for souvenir.



3 thoughts on “Bedugul, Bali Indonesia, the Mountain Lake Resort”

  1. I was in Bedugul last week and saw this place from accross the lake. I asked a couple of locals but they didn’t know anything about it so I walked round the lake. It was clearly overgrown and looked pretty closed.

    After much googling this blog is the most information I’ve found on the place and it amazes me that it’s only a couple of years old.

    How did you book with them? Did the place look overgrown when you were there? Any idea if it’s still open? I can’t find any info online about it.

    1. So sorry for the very late reply. When I was there in 2012, booking was done by a representative from my company so I really don’t have the details. From across the lake where the villa is, is an island, we booked the whole island for our entire stay. We had a training camp of sorts, so we had the facilities to ourselves. The resort has their own boat service so I think you could have get more information from them. The resort has a website, I’m not sure if it’s still working, you may want to check out –

      1. The website is dead but an archive of it is available at They seem to be owned by the Purnayasa Bus company:

        I found an email address and tried to make a booking but I’m guessing they don’t get a lot of non-corporate bookings or many English speakers so it was hard to get any information out of them and I couldn’t get the booking in time.

        Thanks for the reply.

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