A very short walk along Bali’s Kuta Beach

I recently went to Bali, Indonesia for a company event held in a cold chilly place about three hours north of Bali, called Bedugul. We stayed in Bedugul for 7 days and only slept in Bali for 2 nights, the night we arrived and the night before we leave. We stayed in Mercure Kuta Beach Hotel. During my short stay, I managed to walk along the long white sand beach of Kuta. I took some pictures of the beach and of people who are actually enjoying the beach. But hey, you’ll never know, I may find myself back there again for a holiday or so. In the meantime, here are those few pictures.


In Bali, people create offerings to their Gods everyday. Most of these are delicacies, some including candies wrapped in containers made from banana leaves. They put incense and offer prayers of thanks to their Gods for a good day. I found one of these offerings by the beach.

A seller’s bag of beads. I bought two sarongs by the beach, which was actually a bad idea as it was a bit pricey there.





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