The Thrill of Jeepney Toploading – Banaue

Coming from Banaue, one of the things that I told myself I have to do is to ride on top of a moving vehicle. I have read many blog accounts about the thrill of adventure and the amazing scenery that you’ll witness along the way. So when we hired the jeepney that will take us to Batad from Banaue, this is my non-negotiable request. Michael, our driver gladly obliged and took this photo in one of our stops.

We asked our driver, Michael to take this photo for us.

The best thing about being on top of the jeepney aside from the scenery is the fresh air. I inhaled all the air that I can carry in my lungs, knowing that when I’m back in Manila, I will not be able to have this luxury. In the 90 minutes ride to Batad, we pass by people going to their work place, road constructions, private vehicles, and fellow toploaders in passenger jeepneys.

For most people, walking is still the best way to get to one place to the other
Road improvement efforts. About 70% of the road from Banaue to Batad is already cemented.
Philippine jeepneys are among the most solidly built vehicles

In most provinces in the Philippines, riding on top of the jeepney is an everyday occurrence especially in places where there are few public vehicles.

I intend to post videos that I took in my next post.


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