Trekking Batad and Tappiya Falls, Batad, Banaue

The moment we arrived in Hillside Inn in Batad, we freshen up a bit, ate lunch at the inn’s restaurant and prepared for the difficult trek to Batad Village and Tappiya Falls. Jonel, our guide, picked us up and we left Hillside at 12:30, it’s the middle of the day but since we are in the mountain, the temperature is perfect and we didn’t mind the sun.

The trek to Batad village gave me a correct perception of how big the terraces in Batad are. Looking at the view from Hillside gives me a false sense of size & scale. So when we were near the village, I was amazed at how grand they are which made me appreciate them even more.

While trekking the Batad Village, we pass by native Ifugao houses. Some houses now use modern materials like iron sheets for their roof.

Traditional Nipa Hut
Ifugao House using Iron Sheets

This is the area where some parts of the terraces were damaged by the landslide. Every weekend, volunteers  ‘Bachang’ work here to restore the area. Notice the group of people walking in the left side of the picture. From afar, I really thought they were clothes hanged to dry.

The area damaged by the landslide
Human “snake & ladder”

And more rice terraces.

April-May is the time when the landscape is covered in green
The magnificent Batad Amphitheater

Along the trek,  we saw people hard at work, tilling the soil or carrying heavy loads. It surprised me to learn that women are the ones who plant rice, because according to Jonel, women are faster. Men carry heavy things, rebuilt the stone walls along the terraces and help during harvest.

Tools for Rebuilding the Terraces damaged by the landslide caused by the Typhoon Sendong

The trek to the rice fields and the Batad village is easy compared to the steep and dangerous climb up to Tappiya Falls. But all is worth it once you see the grandeur and beauty of the 42 feet tall falls.

Amidst the sweat, the racing heart rate, and the knee-numbing sensation of long and arduous walks, the trek to Batad will remind me of this small village’s love and ingenuity for creating a masterpiece that attest to the grandness of nature more than anything else.

My walking stick stands by its message.

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