Going Bento

For months on end, I became addicted to the show, Hell’s Kitchen. I watched Seasons 6-9 and some Gordon Ramsay specials in a span of one month. Some of which included the evening rerun on Star World, one reason I make it a point to be home by 10 pm everyday. With this addiction, I revisited a dwindling passion for cooking. For days, all I did was talk about how I wanted to create this and that dish and how awesome of a chef is Gordon Ramsay.

Tuna Burger, Chicken Tenders, Tamago with some fresh vegetables Bento Box

But my resolve to finally start cooking only started when an idea hit me that I wanted to create dishes that I can eat everyday. And since I go to work during week days, I figured it should also not take too much of my time. So I thought of creating bento lunch boxes, which I can bring at work. Easy to-do and delicious looking meals that will make me busy each morning and excited each time I open my lunch box. The picture below is one of my firsts bento box. I didn’t know that many recipes back then while I post this, I am on my third week of making bento boxes and not missing a single day.

Chicken Tenders, Ham Negiyamaki, Chicken Pesto Pasta, Banana Sides

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