The Group

Our group composed of Khea, MJ, Macoy, Eiryne, and I went to the La Mesa Eco Park, Intramuros, and MOA primarily to take pictures and to discuss about our final project. The theme that we agreed upon has to do with showing facets of people’s lives. We agreed on capturing images of people in their natural surroundings. This can be in their workplace, during their leisure time and celebration. We also wanted to show a contrast between people situated in places where they don’t seem to fit. With this, we aim to look for a person misplaced or displaced, whether because of societal norms and expectations, or simply those that evoke feelings of being lost.

In the meantime, here are pictures of my group mates that I’ve taken. I also used Orton Effect in the processing to give their skin a certain level of glow.


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