Shooting candid portraits

We met up with our group at NCC and proceeded to the La Mesa Eco Park. Along the way, we discussed our theme for the final project. From random thoughts about nature, landscapes, or some that tells a story, we decided on a theme that has to do with people in their natural surroundings. I will create a different post for this. In the meantime, here are some candid portraits (unprocessed) I’ve taken during our trip as we covered two more locations apart from the La Mesa Eco Park.

Little Boy staring
Little Girl at the park

By noon, we went straight to Intramuros We passed by The Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church, the old buildings, and Intramuros.

Little boy at the steps

Just hours before sunset, we find ourselves getting to the sea wall area, right by The Mall of Asia.

Two girls playing at MOA
Two friends waiting for sunset at the seawall near MOA

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