An empty cup

Emptying ones cup is also a learning approach

I’m starting a digital photography class this summer. This is my second formal photography training. The first was when I was a student of Film in UP Diliman ten years ago. Way back then, we used manual SLRs and focus on B&W photography. The course thought us from composing a shot and taking a picture to developing them on our own in a darkroom, which includes mixing the chemicals used for developing.

I love photography back then but after that class, I didn’t really answered the photographer’s calling. I didn’t focus on it entirely. I can cite two reasons. One, because I lost my old Canon manual SLR to a thief and two, because I became more interested in writing. Although I always take my point-and-shoot anywhere and anytime there’s a picture-taking opportunity, I feel I am far back from what I should have been in terms of skill. To be honest, with this class I feel having an empty cup waiting to be filled. πŸ˜›


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